A Niche-less Wonder

One of my big struggles as a ‘blogger’ is deciding what the point of this blog is. At the moment, it’s split between diary entries, essays on a wide range of subjects, anecdotes, and recipes. It’s a bit of everything and a bit of nothing.

I think if I was just doing this to please myself, this could be fine. But, if I’m honest, I’m not. I want an audience. I want people to read all this crap. But the reality is that one post will appeal to one audience, while another will appeal to another, and other posts won’t appeal to anyone.

I have no niche for my blogging, and this is a big problem.

I don’t know what I want my niche to be, though. That’s also a big problem. I do like dithering on about random topics, but I know that’s not a long-term blogging solution. At least not in the way I want to write.

At the base of it all, I think I fear committing to one idea. I don’t want to limit myself to one subject. Whether this is fear that I’ll choose the wrong one — the one nobody cares to read — or that I’ll choose something I lose interest in after a few posts, is something I don’t know.

I’m not sure how to choose a focus. I don’t think I have enough readers to even get input from the audience. But I know I need to choose something if I’m going to ever do something besides type into the ether.

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One response to “A Niche-less Wonder”

  1. Timothy says :

    I think this is a pretty common problem. It’s difficult limiting yourself to just one topic or theme. I say just keep writing whatever you feel like writing if my opinion matters. Even if the subject matter is as random as can be the style that you convey it in will be uniquely your own which is what should draw readers in. It gives a more personal experience too, unless of course you always talk about the exact same topics out in the real world without ever deviating to something different.

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