So What Do You Do For Fun?

I don’t think of myself as not having a well-rounded life. For the most part, I enjoy my days. I don’t go to bed each night feeling oppressed by some horrible situation I’ve landed myself in.

And then I have one of those questionnaires that asks what I do for fun. What are my hobbies? What do I do outside of work?






I know this is the question that I’m supposed to answer with things like jet skiing, gardening, rambling, and macrame. Things that make me sound interesting, or that make me sound cultured, or that make me sound like I do something.

My hobbies? Going for aimless drives. Watching TV of various quality. Collecting ugly cat figurines, Star Wars toys, typewriters, and books. Looking at things on the internet.

My hobbies have expanded to surrounding my baby with Star Wars toys.

My hobbies have expanded to surrounding my baby with Star Wars toys. As you do.

But how can you put that on some sort of health questionnaire where you’re trying to prove that you aren’t a shut in with severe depression, or on the verge of some sort of hoarding crisis? You can’t. So I leave it blank.

This has never not backfired for me. I then get asked in person what I do other than work. Then I have to do the hmming right then and there, trying to think of how I can phrase ‘driving, TV, collecting, and the internet’ in an awesome way.

Maybe I don’t need to make them sound awesome. Maybe this is me being some sort of geek chic. Maybe in 15  years, the hipster kids of Jack’s generation will all go for drives, collect ugly cats, toys, typewriters, and books, watch tv and look at things on the internet.

Probably not. It’ll probably still be a set of hobbies you don’t want to write on a form.

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