Writer’s Block

Writer’s block has hit me hard tonight. Well, it’s a combination of tiredness and writer’s block. I’m too tired to fight through the writer’s block. Any fighting I’ve tried has only left me even more blocked.

I have made several attempts at writing to a provided prompt for today. Five interesting things about myself. I can’t come up with much of anything. The first list I tried was just a biography, listing where I had lived. The second involved demonstrating my knowledge of the original Star Wars toys. Neither list made it to five items.

I know it’s not that there’s nothing interesting about me that I could share. I’ve done plenty of ‘X number of things about me’ lists that have been interesting. It’s just that tonight I have no enthusiasm for writing about myself.

Today I finished putting together my visa application and got it sent off. I also played with Jack, took photos of him, and managed to get him to go to sleep for a little while. I put in a load of laundry that I have yet to hang up to dry. I drove to Staples, only to find out how much they now charge for copies (10p a page!!) and come back home to scan over 100 pages. I lifted Jack over my head so many times my arms still hurt, but his giant smile as he hovered above me makes the pain worthwhile.

So as for five interesting things about myself… that will have to wait.

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