Televisual pleasures, guilty and less so

I haven’t written anything about TV in a while, which is pretty crap. I love TV. I’m an expert in TV. In all of my depressive slumps, and in my non-depressed times, I watch the amount of TV those health statistic types would make you think are unhealthy. Right now? TV’s on. It’s been on since I got up and will be on until I go to bed.

I watch a lot of TV. I’m not entirely elitist about my viewing. (Though I won’t watch just anything, either.)

I hate all the photoshoot images you get these days. Whatever happened to just using screen captures of the episodes, I ask, too lazy to actually do a capture myself…

Today I watched my E4er preview of the first episode of The Midnight Beast. (Tomorrow night they’re performing some sort of live strip tease on E4. The more people tweet the hashtag #UnleashTheBeast, the more they take off. I feel like I’m too old to encourage such behaviour for kids so young. They’re certainly too young for me to not feel a bit uneasy about watching them strip off. It’s vaguely paedoey.)

Edited extra thing here… E4 have also given us this link, which I haven’t actually looked at yet because I’m too lazy to do the whole muting the TV and turning the computer volume on, but it’s meant to be some sort of behind the scenes of the thing where they got the boys to strip down to almost nothing. The password is TMB, should you want to access it.

Anyway, the show. I was surprised how much I liked it. The songs don’t overwhelm the show, which is good. It’s kinda like The Monkees. The songs are framed by the episode. In the case of this episode, the boys are out of money and food, and their manager gets them a gig playing for some American executive who buys songs for video games. Hilarity, of course, ensues. Well, some chuckling does. There were two points where I chuckled in an audible way. Neither time was because of the songs, or the boys. Both involved vague animal cruelty.

The show is very much an E4 show. It fits in perfectly with things like PhoneShop. I think they even use the same bits of music for the background noise of some scenes. It’s got all the key signs that identify it as hip and young. There’s graffiti on the walls! There’s a joke about jeggings! There’s stupid flourescent sunglasses! There’s a keytar! There’s all sorts of other 80s cultural references being made by people who were born in the 90s! (There’s also a joke about SSQL coding, but that’s neither here nor there in this rant.)

All that said, I did enjoy it and it’s worth watching, if only for Simon Farnaby‘s character. The man does weird in a brilliant way. He pulls it off well. (A look at his IMDB entry was needed to remember where I knew him from (Mighty Boosh as Harold Boom, among others) and realised that his casting might be another nod to the kidlet audience, as it seems like his main notoriety is from Horrible Histories. I like Horrible Histories, but in the same way I watched Wishbone well into my 20s.) In a very real way, I’ll continue to watch The Midnight Beast for his scenes, additional vague animal cruelty or not.

I think I’ll leave this here. I was going to write about the return of Geordie Shore, but maybe I’ll save that for later.

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