I’m better with the thousand words

Considering I frequently download hundreds of photos off my camera, I don’t do much with them. Granted, a lot of the time they’re photos of artwork; those photos do get used after I’ve chosen the best shot of each piece. But that’s only some of them. I have folder upon folder of photos. I might put a few up on Facebook or Twitter, but most just languish in file structures.

Some come in handy as file photos (how very newsroom of me!) but most never get used. I feel like that makes me a pretty shitty blogger. I don’t usually post photos here, and I think that’s a weakness. I guess it’s something that I think helps make something pop, make it more than just words.

But it’s the effort required that puts me off. To take a photo, download it, select the best shot, then upload it… it’s just so much work. I’m the same with putting photos up on Twitter. I see all these smartphone people and they’re a bit photo whore-ish sometimes, but maybe that’s the better way to go. It’s engaging, if a bit slutty (and I’m not even talking about the people who put up all the photos of themselves… it’s a certain kind of slutty when everything is illustrated, when no words are used, when language goes to the wayside and I have to sift through a series of photos because 140 characters is just too damn difficult for you to put together).

Sorry. Bit of an aside there.

Anyway, I think I’m at the wrong end of that balance. I go a bit too far to the no photo end of things. I don’t know how to change it, though. As long as it involves removing a card and waiting for the netbook to download, it probably won’t happen. You’ll just have words. Words, words, words. And more words.

But here are a few photos…

Birnbeck Pier, with choppy water, last weekend.

The dinner biscuit, as recipe-posted last weekend.

Last Sunday in Portishead.

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