Unfashion and unbeauty

I’ll start with a brief description of what I’m wearing today. A heather cream (is there such a thing? this has the colour variation of a heather grey, but is cream) ribbed tank bought at Dorothy Perkins several summers ago. Under that, a plain cream long tank top bought at Sainsbury’s several summers ago. A pair of medium-dark blue jeans, too long and now too big, bought at Matalan last year, rolled up to a low mid-calf level. For accessories, I’m wearing a pair of grey bead stud earrings, also from Matalan, bought in their after-Christmas sale for £1. I’ve got (as always) my wedding band and engagement ring on. I wore black Havaianas flip flops, one of two identical pairs I bought at Makro last year.

At day’s end, both shirts have coffee stains on them. The top one also has a salsa stain on it from dinner. The jeans have various bits of paint, saw dust, animal fur, and salsa on them.

I used to buy nice clothes. I used to spend far too much on clothing. I was a frequenter of the shops that sell luxury brand seconds, off-seasons, and such, along with all the sample sales that Chelsea had to offer. And, as today, it would end up stained, battered, destroyed. (I forgot to mention, both shirts have small holes in them where they’ve been snagged by cat claws, door fittings, or some other item that has poked through.)

I learned to give up. I have given up, especially with light-coloured clothes. Anything I wear is destined to get destroyed within a few wears. If it makes it to a few months, it’s an amazing victory.

The result of this is a primarily dark wardrobe, and one made up of inexpensive pieces. It’s not overly flattering, it’s not the most confidence-inspiring, it’s not a wardrobe I’m excited to wear. I have various clothing that I can wear for various occasions, but chances are good that if I have to dress for two similar occasions, I’ll probably be wearing the same clothes to both.

I walk around knowing that I’m pretty much the before in some magazine makeover feature. This is especially true as I begin to lose weight. I have some things in various sizes, but I’m sticking with bigger sizes for the time being. I find more motivation in clothes falling off than being squeezed into smaller sizes.

It’s difficult for me to really care, though. It’s the curse of the work-at-home thing. Both of us have a definite subset of clothing that’s suitable for outside wear, and far more that is worn on a day-to-day basis. We can pretty ourselves up, but for work shit’s gonna get dirty.

My unfashion is deeply me, though. It’s a sort of unfashion I inherited from my mom, who was a very jeans and t-shirt type of woman herself.

All that said, I’m very happy it’s once again flip flop season (it is… don’t fight me on it). Don’t expect me to show up in anything else (except in some situations where I have to wear some other shoes) until at least late October.

Also, I’m having a beauty (such as it is) experiment thanks to some free samples from Garnier. Their BB stuff showed up in the post last week, so I’m making my way through the three little sachets (you can get the sample from their Facebook page). My daily beauty regime (ha!) involves a tinted moisturiser (cheap), black eyeliner (Rimmel, I think), and some lip tint (Body Shop). If I’m looking extra sticky or shiny, I brush on a tiny bit of compressed powder (also cheap). I’m not one for loads of make-up, and only go past the basic eyes and lips deal if there’s a big need, or I can get away with looking a bit overdone.

So far I’m unconvinced that the BB is any better than my cheap tinted moisturiser. It seems to last a bit better, but I don’t think it’s doing all the miracle work they pimp it out with. At this point, I doubt I’d shell out any extra for it, and I wouldn’t go replacing what I have. I’d probably wait for a sale on the Boots generic sort.

I’m shit at being a girl. I just don’t see the point of all the cost and effort.

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