Fewer cakes, fewer ales

I’m now into week three of the One Week Challenge, which has gone from a challenge to a revised lifestyle. It’s no longer a matter of temporary deprivation. It’s now looking at the big picture, the very big picture. It’s eating less and moving more and all that usual diet crap. It’s all the things that have always kept me from going on a diet.

It’s all still fairly moderate, but it’s still a change. It’s still a challenge, but not in the same way. It’s a developing challenge. It’s setting goals and figuring out where I’ve gone wrong in the past. It’s an accounting. (Which, considering my accounting techniques — often a shopping bag or decorative bowl shoved full of receipts — isn’t saying much for the orderly quality of the whole weight loss endeavour.)

I have much to accomplish, and I’m starting to tease out all the options. My mind is a rat’s nest. There are threads of ideas that have gotten massively tangled up, and I need to get everything straightened out.

To set myself up for the week, here’s the topics I’m going to write about on here…

  •  Ain’t No Party Like a Mclevey Party ‘Cause a Mclevey Party is Just Fucking Weird
  • I Was a Comedy Groupie
  • Reality, Hyperreality, Surreality, and Unreality in Contemporary Television Comedy

I might write a few other things, but that brings me up to the weekend, and I can’t be sure I’ll write on the weekend. I probably will on Saturday, but I don’t want to commit myself to anything. That’s a new thing I’m trying… not setting myself up for certain failure.

Now then, it’s almost 9 and I don’t eat after 9, so I’m gonna go grab a cup of tea and a chunk of dark chocolate to end the night.


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