A one-week challenge: Week 2

Last week, Adam and I did a one-week challenge, the gist of which was to make ourselves healthier. We both succeeded, and both had to come to terms with some of the problems we have. All along, the plan was to splurge on Saturday, since we had family down. I won’t get into details, but we’d decided to go back to the challenge from today. We both generally felt better for the changes, and figured out that we were saving quite a bit of money.

So today starts the second week challenge. This week I’m continuing with the diet and exercise bit. I’m keeping up with a food diary. I’m paying attention to what, when, and why I eat. But I want something more.

For this week, I want to add a mental challenge. I keep blocking myself. Whether it’s fear of failure or something else, there’s always something I allow to stop my pursuits. I need to get my brain in shape.

I know there are a lot of reasons for my brain issues. But I also know I use those as an excuse. I need to stop that shit.

I don’t know what I can do to keep track of things, though. I have a nifty site for keeping track of food, but how do I keep track of not stopping myself from trying to accomplish things with my brain?

I’m going to stop this wishy-washy post now because of a tendonitis flair up in my right hand, but am open to suggestions as to how to keep myself from brain blocking myself.

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2 responses to “A one-week challenge: Week 2”

  1. scottadamsmith says :

    i have heard of a nifty trick for decisions, take a coin and play heads or tales, the moment before the coin lands or you reveal what it landed on listen to what your heart wishes it landed on, i have never tried it myself but it must be worth a shot

  2. khristopia says :

    I used to (had a bit of a falling out, but a bit of the habit stuck) create a monthly colour-coded list of things to accomplish. There was also a yearly list and a 5-year list of goals. The monthly list was updated as the time came, the yearly list was updated quarterly, and the 5-year was updated yearly. (This barely lasted a year, anyway.)

    The colours corresponded to particular aspects of life: Red was “getting shit together like a responsible adult”, Orange was “creativity”, Yellow was “beauty”, Green was “shopping”, Turquoise was “learning”, Blue was “cleaning and organizing”, Purple was “computer stuff”, Pink was “social”, and Brown was “health”. Each month I tried to think of about 3-5 things for each category with blank likes for things to write in as time went on. Putting these things in writing, in a binder, organized in such a fashion made them more serious things to accomplish. There weren’t specific days scheduled, but at the end of the month I’d look back on what I did and either be proud of it, or remind myself I really need to get my shit together.

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