A one-week challenge: Day 3

The challenge is getting easier, though I’m not entirely sure why.

After yesterday’s post, I figured out a giant salad that was more than inside the remaining daily calorie intake (which, to clarify, isn’t something stupidly low for quick weight loss; it’s a slightly less than the normal RDA on the side of the box, as calculated by the website I’m using for the food diary). Before the 9pm food cutoff, I even had enough slack to eat a Caramel Freddo and some grapes.

Today, as I said, has been easier. I slept in late, but that was down to being up at 2 am because of a house issue that I noticed at 12ish, when I intended to go to bed. Through the day I had to remind myself that I should be eating. I was busy, and went into normal busy mode — distracted, not thinking about diet, food, nutrition, or anything other than what’s in front of me.

The goal of this challenge has been to shift back into a better attitude towards our dependencies. I’m already getting better about noticing portions, distinguishing boredom from hunger, and desire from hunger. That’s a big one for me. It’s weird being ‘on a diet’ because it’s not something I want to be identified with, ever. I don’t want to be that person.

What I’ve started to come to terms with is the realisation that, whether broadcast or not, I need to be on some sort of a diet. I need to pay attention to what I’m eating and why I’m eating it.

There have only been a few stumbling points where I’ve really wanted something but not been able to have it. Some cheese scones, freshly home made by Adam’s nan, were dropped by for us at 9:24 last night. Both of us wanted them, but both stuck to the no food after 9 rule. Normally, we probably would have had at least 4 between the two of us. By 9:24, we’d have finished dinner an hour earlier and started to feel a bit peckish, and ready for whatever presented itself to us.

The dinner time is also a big shift that has been good, and that I think will stick. We had been eating dinner later and later each night. If we had to go out, or people over, we’d have to eat an unusually early dinner, which would throw us off. (Of course, we’d also usually have something akin to lunch around 4, so the schedule was just all sorts of off.)

So yeah… day 3 isn’t too bad. I got to eat my cheese scone, too.

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