My New Pet Peeve

Pretty much anyone who has met me or interacted with me in any real or digital way knows that I get riled up fairly easily. I get annoyed with most aspects of life, and can hold my own in a rant to the death. (I don’t compete against Adam, though. His rants are on a whole other level, like when he found out that Viv was interviewing Brian May and insisted on her asking him questions that started out with what conditioner he uses, passed briefly through the issue of AIDS and Freddy Mercury, and then landed very heavily in a verbal dissertation on how Wayne’s World ruined Bohemian Rhapsody for him and he didn’t like it that much to begin with but now everyone thinks it’s ok to play it for anything.)

Anyway, back to my current pet peeve. This is something that has been sneaking up on me for a few months, but has really angered me lately.

Folded receipts.

Do you see where this has all gone wrong? Do you Post Office? Do you see how you've screwed the pooch here?

I know, it seems like such a nothing thing. But think about it.

You go to a store, find some item that you want, make your payment, and then… then. Then some cashier decides that your receipt is simply too long for you to manage, so they fold it up. They fold it once. They fold it twice. And what was going to nicely slide into your wallet is now some piece of origami that makes everything all lopsided.

Even worse is when they hand you cash back with it, the notes and receipt all in some folded monstrosity that doesn’t belong anywhere except back in hell.

Or!!! When they have the two receipt deal if you’ve paid by card. So then you have two receipts folded together, in opposite directions because they needed to save their hand strength for folding so couldn’t possibly rip that last little joined corner apart. Oh no. That would be just too damn difficult.

Despite all of this, there is one further receipt hell. Waitrose. Mother. Fucking. Waitrose. Whether cash or card, they just fuck it up all over the place. Cash: One receipt, folded, with a handful of change, and a token. Card: Two receipts, folded, and a token. So there I am, needing to unfold the receipts to fit them in my wallet, and I now have to balance a small green token. I have to deal with my receipts AND be a good person. Fuck that.

So, yeah. If you ever serve me in a shop, don’t fold things. Don’t ever, ever fold things. If I want them folded, I can do it myself. I have fingers.

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2 responses to “My New Pet Peeve”

  1. stumblingupwards says :

    Oh God help me…
    Umm..your furniture is really nice. I wouldn’t change it for the world. No, really…
    If you ever did shop with me, I will have already pasted a big notice for all staff to see. Do. Not.Fold.This.Customers.Receipt. Ever.

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