Shopping snippets…

We very briefly went out to town, where we went to a few shops in the Sovereign Centre. Overheard the following:

This is a coat. It is red. It is not a dress, and it is not available in cream.

“I’d like to order this, but in cream.”

“It won’t let me order it in anything but red. I don’t think it comes in cream.”

“But I’d like it in cream. I only want a basic dress.”

“This is a coat.”

“Oh. I want a dress.”

“So you don’t want this coat?”

“Is it washable?”

“It is 63% polyester and 33% viscose and 4% elastane. It needs to be dry cleaned it says.”

“I don’t want to have to dry clean my dress. I want something simple.”

“So you don’t want a coat, you want a dress?”


“This is a coat, though.”

“Don’t you have it as a cream dress?”

“No. See this other coat has a dress that goes with it, but this coat doesn’t. And it’s only available in red.”

“If you didn’t know it was a coat, you’d think it was a dress.”

“I know it’s a coat, so I can’t say.”

“Am I wasting your time? I don’t want to waste your time.”

“No, it’s fine. Let me see if she can think of a way to search for it.”

“Oh, that would be lovely. I’ll get my glasses on. I’m having trouble seeing your screen.”

“You see this coat? This lady wants a dress that looks like that, but in cream. I can only get this search to narrow the 250 dresses down to white, but she doesn’t want white.”

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