E4ing myself

Right now, I’m sitting in Paddington station, sipping one of the worst glasses of Coke I’ve had in my life. Unlike most of my journeys to London over the past few years, this had nothing to do with the university. Today, I came to talk about TV and TV-related topics at the Channel 4 headquarters.

A little while back, E4 had a call for TV enthusiasts to be part of the ‘E4ers’. The basic idea is to get free promotion, as far as I can tell. Of course, it’s also a perfect excuse for me to continue to write about TV and obsessively watch TV. I applied, with an application full of smarmy answers and vague insults. For some reason, they like it rough. (Around the same time, I called @E4announcer a cunt, then got a follow from the account.)

So today I trudged into London, ready to be at 4 for 8:30. It meant waking up at 4, having Adam drive me to Bristol Coach Station, barely making a bus (not the bus I was meant to be on, but a bus to London nonetheless), getting to 4, consuming epic amounts of coffee (somewhere around 10 cups), doing some workshoppy type things (during which one of the other people there shared more than may have been healthy about his utter lack of anatomical knowledge), and then just before noon we were done.

One of the parts of it was to get as many views as possible on one of their E-stings (the little animated things between shows that have no real purpose other than to tell you that you’re still watching E4). Thus a frantic few minutes of posting the link all over and asking for retweets and reposts like the internet whore we all know I am.

In fact, if you haven’t clicked on it (or if you have… go ahead and do multiples, I’m fine with that), go to

<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/e4ers8#p/u/5/A9pMTENGV0M&#8221; title=”Esting for the ‘Yellow Group'” target=”_blank”>http://www.youtube.com/e4ers8#p/u/5/A9pMTENGV0M</a>

So yeah, it’s been a strange day. I felt old, sitting in a room full of studenty types. But I did have fun. Don’t know if I was too reserved or too coffee-oriented but oh well.

Got to watch a few minutes of this week’s Phone Shop episode, and saw some preview clips of a few other shows that look worth a watch. One involved Noel Fielding and a mashed potato revolver. If that ain’t good television, I don’t know what is. (Yeah, okay… I do know. I’m still writing a thesis on what makes for good television.) We also all got swag bags with a little notebook and full box sets of The Inbetweeners, Misfits, and Skins. And since I was only out of pocket about £10 for travel, it’s not been too bad even if I don’t get selected to be a proper E4er.

So sorry about the spamming, but we did get a few hits out of it all. Thanks for that.

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2 responses to “E4ing myself”

  1. Keith Ramsey says :

    Good luck with that, sounds like a great opportunity.

    All it needs to make it perfect is otters.

    • jeninher30s says :

      It could be a fun thing to do. Right now I’m just tired. And hungry. I should have grabbed some of the pastries before I left. And maybe another can of Coke.

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