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There’s a chain of car wash places around here that have put up signs at all locations recently declaring that they are ‘LEGAL AND PROUD’. There’s some smaller text about how they, unlike their competition, I presume, are now adhering to whatever EU legislation has been passed regarding car wash establishments. Not that I can say I heard any great news stories about cracking down on illegal car washes, or any news story about car washes. When our car gets washed, it’s always with a bucket and sponge in our driveway, and usually only when Adam wants to repaint a panel or two.

Anyway, on with the post. Yesterday we went up to Bristol to give legal notice of intention to marry. Or something like that. It’s essentially getting the marriage license, only here they put it up on a public notice board for a month. If, at the end of the month, nobody has raised a legal reason why you can’t be married, you can get married anytime within the year. Since we aren’t related and aren’t married to anyone else, it’s all smooth sailing. (Well, after the Head Registrar of the UK (or some such powerful title) gives word that my official divorce certificate from the state of Vermont isn’t a forgery.)

After the month, the documents will all be sent to Weston, where we’re getting married, and then we’ll meet with the people there regarding the actual ceremony. All we know so far is that it has to be very small and non-religious, which suits us fine. We’re having a slightly bigger reception in the evening, but even that is being kept small by most standards. We can’t afford a huge thing, and even with a small number there’s a huge balancing game going on with who to invite and why to invite them. (According to all the wedding stuff I’ve read on various sites, you don’t need to send invites out until 6 weeks before the date. We’ve sent out most of the ceremony invites, which have gone to close friends and family. The reception invites will probably go out at the start of June, which is still 7 weeks ahead. So it’s almost like we’re halfway organised on this whole thing.)

In all of this wedding stuff, though, we’ve also found out that we have to move by the end of July. Terribly convenient, seeing as how the wedding is on my birthday (also end of July, for those who aren’t aware of such things).

So now we’re trying to pull together a wedding that does what it needs to do, what we want it to do, and what others want it to do, plus find a new house. Oh, and all the normal work stuff. Joy. It’ll get done, though. We’ll get it to all work out, one way or another.

(One amusing tidbit in all of it is the way the council manage to exaggerate the situation. We gave them notice that our address would be changing by 31 July and got two letters back. One was the actual reply to what we were contacting them about. The second was a stock form letter that started off with something about ‘you are homeless or about to become homeless’ and offering us various counselling and advice services. Um… yeah… homeless… Bit of an exaggeration and technicality. I suppose we will be homeless if we don’t do anything to find a new place within two months. Maybe they get that a lot, though.)

(Oh, another amusing bit. In the legal notice stuff, we had to do separate interviews. One of the questions was whether we’re related. I said no and quickly followed with ‘Do you get that a lot?’ I was answered that he’s gotten it a few times, and that it’s ‘usually distant cousins, but still…’ Adam follwed his no with ‘I guess you have to ask, since we’re from Weston.’)

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One response to “Legal and proud”

  1. stumblingupwards says :

    Posting notice of your pending nuptials is termed ‘Reading The Bands/Bans’ a quaint phrase which, as you suggest, is letting the locals know you intend to wed. Should anyone have a sound reason why not, they have been given fair warning.
    Nuptials is another quaint phrase. What other ceremonies or official acts have such a wealth of antiquated terminology?
    I can see why you want to live here lol
    I shall be practising my ‘run in,shout “STTTOOPPP!!,Oh sorry, wrong wedding” and run out’ prank until it is perfected. Without a months warning I’d have been lost.

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