The Doldrums

I hate spring. Let me just start by putting that out there. It’s crap. It’s like summer’s lame fourth cousin who you have to invite even though everyone knows they’re shit. The other seasons are all ok, but spring is just a dick.

This isn’t a new thing for me. Every Vernal Equinox comes and goes, and every year I think spring’s a douche. (Sorry if you see the minor pun there.)

Spring to me is the seasonal equivalent of the Doldrums. It’s that time of the year where cold and warm meet, and nobody wants to awkwardly overstep the mark. It’s the time of year where you can’t put away the winter stuff, but it’s too hot anytime you decide to wear long sleeves. It’s the bit where nothing’s quite right.

It’s a finite time, but it drags on forever. As soon as the first warm day comes along, newscasters and assholes join in a steady assertion that ‘spring has sprung’. It hasn’t. It’s just warm. And you’re an asshole.

Soon enough it’ll be summer, and I do like summer. I like oppressive heat and daylight that lasts well into the night. (I like winter, too, for the inverse.) But here we are. In spring. Still.

Nothing moves in spring. We all just float, waiting for the winds to pick up. We sit here, variably baking and freezing. We wait. We wait. We wait.

April and May collide into one long month of nothing. Holidays come and go, pass us by. But there’s a horrific sense of nothing to it all. The spring comes to a close and we’re no different than where we started. Any desire to push ahead is squashed by bank holidays, religious dates, and passing weeks of rain.

For me, it’s that last bit of time before all the good changes and advancements come along in July and August. For now it’s sit and wait, do what I can, just keep pushing along. It’s getting through spring without realising how fast it goes by, that soon it’ll be in the last stretch of needing to get things finished.

Spring is always tough. It’s a bad time of year for things, where people all flail around and don’t know what to do with themselves. I always think spring is worse than August for launching/marketing things. It’s a time of series finales, final exams, and waiting for the sun. It’s a time when everyone is looking a few months ahead, to the joys of summer, or even further ahead, to the joys of winter. Nobody is too focussed on the now. It’s just something to get through.

That’s where I’m at with it. Getting through. Waiting for that tiny breeze to push me along into summer.

Anyway, here’s a photo of a small dog wearing an ‘I’m a Time Lord’ Doctor Who backpack and a gay cat looking jealous with evil glowing eyes.

Dog has a backpack. Cat doesn't.

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