When to publish?

I’m struggling with a post. It’s one that might never be finished, but at some point I’m going to have to let go of it.

I write in two ways. In one, I don’t even glance over it before sending it off. I write it once and that’s it. It’s done.

Other writing I can’t let go of — I go back to it over and over, tweaking, manipulating, changing things in the slightest of ways. The tough part is that with this sort of writing, I never seem to make it any better. It just gets different. I think I edit myself out of things.

So when do I let go? When do I finally say it’s enough and let it go into the world? How can I be sure that a piece of writing is strong enough to fight for itself?

The short answer — I can never be sure when the time is right.

So I go back and do more research, add more lines, delete more paragraphs, and still… I’m just not sure.

The piece I’m struggling with now is potentially damaging. If it isn’t just right, it could be very bad for my career, and the careers of others. If it is good enough, it could help me a lot.#

I really don’t know when it’ll be at that point. I just have to push on, trying to be a good judge of it all. And being terrified I’m going to be wrong.


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