Today I have travelled to London and back. My non-travel time was roughly 10 minutes.

I’m now on the train, headed home. Tomorrow will be normal, back to work, back to writing, back to all of that sort of thing.

Part of today’s travel was another ankle incident. I’ve lost count. I know the last time I had to go to the emergency room was December 2009, after the Weapon of Choice Xmas Show opening night.

In the past year, it’s gone under a few times, but never so bad as to require a trip to hospital. Just limping a bit and maybe some ice. I did ask a doctor about it once around June. She said it’s normal for the healing on a sprain to be 6 months or more. I’m now at 13 months and it still gives out. Today, fairly badly.

I’m meant to start physical therapy for my knee soon. My knees have been getting slowly worse since I was 12, after I was told that it was merely growing pains. I’ve had arthroscopy, physical therapy, and a lot of swelling. Still nothing settled as far as what’s going wrong. They just hurt.

Sometimes I fight. Sometimes I go through the system. Sometimes I just give up and accept pain. Right now, pain’s winning.


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One response to “Travel”

  1. Chris(chamber) Knight says :

    Knees I know about. Being a smallish giant, I find few seats leave my knees at right angles when sat (as they should be). This means I end up with stiff, aching knees after just a couple of hours. Check the height of your seat (chair seat!) If you’re sitting too low, it’s making things worse!
    Can’t fix ankles..sorry!

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