The Final Frontier

I’ve spent the last few hours (and a few hours over a few days earlier in the week) cleaning out my office. I’m nowhere near done.

So far I’ve found paperwork dating back around 10 years; 6 exploded batteries; a single unworn high heel shoe; a newspaper from last week; an extra power supply for a flat-screen TV that was installed at the pub Adam used to work at; a half-full jar of peanut butter; several unused, unwrapped, and flattened tampons; two McDonalds coffee loyalty cards, each with two stickers; coins from a handful of countries; a copy of a database I was working on 6 years ago; a candle; countless receipts; a backpack full of skeins of yarn; endless bus tickets; and a box that, even in light of all that, should still be considered the ‘miscellaneous’ box.

I do this wherever I live. I move in, dump a load of crap in the room that’s meant to be my office, and then fight against it for several months. Eventually, I get to today. The day I make space.

This always inevitably involves moving everything out and then slowly putting things back in. It involves the purchase of organising items, shelves, file cabinets, plastic drawers, and cork boards. It involves finally hanging up the pictures, clearing off the desk, and at least vaguely organising the bookcases.

It always involves injury of some sort (bashed thumbs, paper cuts, and stubbed toes are the most common), and always ends up with an office that looks nothing like its predecessors. Every room has its own soul, and it’s just a matter of bashing it enough so that things fit in and it all seems somewhat meant to be.

My current office is almost twice the size of my last one, yet I don’t know how to fit things in. My stuff is somehow water-like in its amorphousness. give it space and it will fill it. Sometimes it will pour out into the hall and require constant stepping over.

So far, it’s going well. There seems to be a logic of the room coming together, and within a few more hours, should be near finished, and just waiting on the purchase of organising things.


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