Stop being stupid

A very brief post, simply because I’m tired and unmotivated and have to be up early and have other stuff to do anyway and would rather watch TV than write much of anything.

I don’t know why the stupidity of people still amazes me. It does, though. It amazes me that people will click on a link where the accompanying text uses @ instead of the letter o. It amazes me that people continue to think downloading an image off page one of a Google Images search, putting two Photoshop filters on it, and printing it on a Deskjet constitutes art. It amazes me that people want to be classed as urban when cities make them nervous. I marvel at the panic that sets in the minds of drivers when the first snowflake floats gently down from the sky.

In short, I’m amazed that people so dumb manage to figure out which hole to aim at with enough precision that the human race is able to expand with such rapidity.

And, more than that, that they can turn on computers and phones with such dexterity that they can post inane updates on Facebook about their plans for ‘to maro’ and how said plans include ‘c[ing] u dere’. lol

I shouldn’t be surprised, when people who aren’t even the stupidest examples think that closed eyes equal blindness. I really just shouldn’t go out in the world.

Instead, I should stay safely in my Twitter-filled ivory tower.


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One response to “Stop being stupid”

  1. vivisunoriginal says :

    I’m trying to think back over my day to remember if I did any of those terrible things, not that I’m paranoid or anything

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