Wedding planning for weirdos

This past weekend, I was off in Marlow for the wedding of my fiance’s brother and his new sister-in-law. It was a gorgeous affair, starting in an old church and moving to a fairly posh hotel. Everything about it was the perfect wedding for Aaron and Laura.

Now that we’re back home, though, it’s time to start planning our own nuptuals. We’ve set the date, next July, and know that it needs to be in the general Somerset region, where most of our friends and family are. Well, except for the ones who live in another country. But they’ll have to fly anyway, so which part of the UK it’s in doesn’t make all that much difference.

We’ve got a list of things that we want to include in our wedding. Most of them are sitcom references. When we mentioned this over the weekend, the response was somewhere between horror and disgust. But… it’s us. I’m working on becoming a Doctor of Sitcom and Adam faithfully helps me watch and critique them in the most dorky of ways. Sitcoms are part of our life, so it’s only natural that there be a lot of little touches that reference them.

We also know that we need a few kick-ass DJs and live musicians for the thing. After all, music was one of the first things we bonded over. Our individual shock that the other knew of all sorts of random bands and songs fuelled a 6-hour phone conversation. Music is a huge part of our lives and it needs to be a huge part of our wedding.

Then there’s the whole civil ceremony part of it. We aren’t getting married in a church, for a lot of reasons.

And for the catering… well… we have some ideas.

Same goes for the booze. (There simply must be copious amounts of booze, and it has to be affordable for our poor friends who make art for a living.)

So I’m now trying to find a venue where we can legally get married, have a fuckload of booze, a bunch of music into the night, our own catering, and a bunch of other weird stuff.

Most places don’t quite make it on one or another point. Usually the money. We aren’t loaded. This whole thing has to be done on a shoestring, but it has to be us. And to be us, it has to be over the top, weird, amazing, and something that people will remember for a long, long time.

Oh, and there has to be a graff wall. And paint. Lots of paint.

The hunt goes on. There might be a few options. I’m finding a few spots that could work. Hopefully we won’t need to change the date for it, but that might be what has to give. Pretty sure something will have to give. It’s just a matter of what.

We aren’t above much, so that will help in the long run. Once we find a venue that will allow us to be weird (and bring most things in), I think it’ll all start to come together. And once that gets going, I can start sending off the little cards to people, and telling them to book their flights, and arrange for a discount on airfare.

In the meantime, if you know a supplier of tiny top hats, do leave a comment.


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  1. vivisunoriginal says :

    I don’t know a supplier of little top hats but I’m commenting anyway ‘cos you know I hate to be left out of anything

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