Being 31 … in Weston

This town is not built for people in their 30s. It is built for 14 year olds and their kids, and for those bitterly hitting death’s door with their canes and mobility scooters. And yet the council wonders about why businesses are failing or fleeing, and why the main source of population influx is junkies and travellers.

Last week, on a few trips into town centre, it struck me just how out of place I am here. There are no shops that sell clothing appropriate to my age. I can get all sorts of cheap as shit clothes for a night at the clubs, or any variety of elasticated waistband polyester slacks that will really set off the plastic cap over my rollers. But decent clothing for those of us between these two poles, forget it.

The same can be said about restaurants here. You’re in luck if you want fast food or something with an OAP early bird special. For a cheap but good quality lunch that gets to you quick, forget it. There are some good places to eat, but god help you if you’re on any sort of timed lunch break.

Even the events here go to the extremes. T4 on the Beach or Helidays, where you can hear Elfan Ap Rees drone on about himself when one of the displays has to be cancelled. (You can also  check out his Jag with personalised plates, parked on display next to the helicopters!)

I like the South West, and I do like Weston for some unknown reason. I just get the impression that Weston doesn’t like people like me, no matter how much they try to say otherwise. The proof is in the actions, and the actions of Weston prove that this is not a town for people in their 30s with actual aspirations. It’s a place to relapse, a place to raise the kids only 12 years younger than the parents, and it’s a place to die.


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3 responses to “Being 31 … in Weston”

  1. vivisunoriginal says :

    almost wish I hadn’t read that, I feel ever so slightly depressed now. For a relatively quick and decent lunch try Tarantellas in James Street. My main problem with clothes shopping is my shape and reluctance to look in mirrors rather than availability, if I was a standard size and shape, rather than having small boobs and a massive butt, I think it would be much easier for me, but I am very conservative, a bit of a Next girl when I can afford it and a Sainsburys girl when I can’t. I have the same problems finding clothes I like, that fit, whatever town or shopping centre I go to.

    • jmb252 says :

      Tarantella are good, but by no means fast. If you happen to get just the right server, you’re good to go. If you don’t… you’ll be there for hours waiting to order, get the food, and then get the bill. Plus the time it takes to correct the bill when they’ve charged you a few times for drinks you had to remind them about.

  2. vivisunoriginal says :

    you need to eat out with my mother, one of the benefits of being her daughter is that you never get kept waiting anywhere, she has the skill of attracting staff attention down to a fine art

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