A brick wall of broken donkeys

In the midst of missing tails and various other news reports, we have also been trying to organise the collection of the donkey that Adam has painted. What follows is the transcript of email communications…

5 July

From: Fiona Hooper, Grand Pier

To: Jen Barnett, Mclevey Art

Time: 5:08 pm

Subject: Re: Photo

Hi Jen,

Will your donkey be ready by Thursday for collection? I have a van on Thursday and Quadron are starting the installations on Wednesday.

Thank you


From: Jen

To: Fiona

Time: 5:10 pm

Subject: Re: Photo

Hi Fiona,

It might be, but it will depend on how quickly the two coats of varnish dry.


Silence follows…

12 July

From: Jen

To: Fiona

Time: 11:51 am

Subject: donkey

Hi Fiona,

Adam’s donkey has had its last coat of varnish. Because of the size
(the Mona Lisa portion is approximately 4 feet wide by 6 feet high),
it might be best to collect it unassembled. We could then come and
complete the construction in situ. (The wood panel is in two pieces so
that it can be put around the donkey’s neck securely and safely.)

I think we’re free for at least part of most days this week, but later
in the week would probably be better in terms of weather and time.

Let me know,



13 July

From: Jen

To: Fiona

Time: 1:23 pm

Subject: donkey

Hi Fiona,

Just following up on this. Do you have a day or time that we can plan on for collection and installation?

Also, how should I submit Adam’s receipts? Most of the purchases were made online, so I can either forward you the receipts and scan the paper ones or can print them and submit everything together.


Nothing… At this point, we go out and have a look at the donkeys that are out, noting some of the vandalism that has occurred. News stories start to come out that the whole thing is being scrapped or re-thought.

14 July

From: Jen

To: Fiona

Time: 6:14 pm

Subject: What’s going on?

Hi Fiona,

We’re starting to get a bit worried about what’s going on with the donkey project.

Adam’s donkey — The Mona Lassa — is dry and ready for collection, but the news reports are indicating that the whole thing is being cancelled.

This piece was created for public interaction and it would be a shame for it to be stuck in some warehouse because the dominant form of vandalism in Weston is smashing things to bits. I’m attaching two photos of the piece (taken this morning in our living room) so you can get an idea of the scope of it and hopefully we can come up with a good solution for where to place this one.

If it helps, I can make a few enquiries and see about some safe but accessible locations for the piece, too.

Regardless, please let us know what’s going on with the Donkey Parade as a whole. I’m sure the coverage in the Merc is as sensationalist as always, and the Evening Post seems to have not bothered to even take the journey down to investigate the story themselves.



Nothing… (An unofficial Facebook page about the Donkey Parade mentions that one of the organisers is in hospital. This is not confirmed by anyone, though.)

This doesn’t look good…

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2 responses to “A brick wall of broken donkeys”

  1. viv kennedy says :

    any more news yet?

    • jmb252 says :

      Nope. Nothing as yet. Have seen on the unofficial Facebook page that ‘the organiser’ (I’m guessing this means Fiona) is in the hospital according to another of the donkey artists.

      Still, it’s a bit bad that nobody is replying to her emails while she’s gone, nothing has been said to the artists, and there’s no clear direction for the whole thing.

      Badly organised, badly planned, and badly run. Oh well…

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