Killing time

Today I had every intention of working. I was going to be an awesome work-at-home superstar. I was going to finish the draft of the thesis chapter I’m working on, write a press release, write another press release, do a freelance article, do some data entry, and all sorts of other incredibly boring sounding tasks.

Instead, I’m backing up the computer, trying to keep as few browser tabs open as possible, and generally fucking around.

Today I’ve sent out one press release. I uploaded one image. I generally sucked productivity ass.

And I didn’t even have fun doing it.

If I’m going to waste an entire day, I want to have some fun with it. I want Twitter conversations. I want funny news articles. I want something that leaves me smiling for a day.

I don’t want to end a working day with one DVD out of probably around 10 finished for the system backup and little else.

It’s bad when a trip to Sainsbury’s (at the time the schools let out) is the highlight of the day, and the least frustrating moment of it all.

Anyway, thanks to the 20 some people who read this yesterday. It encouraged me to write again today, even though I had nothing to say.

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One response to “Killing time”

  1. viv says :

    i think you probably got more done on a non-productive day than i do in what i consider to be a productive one, glad you found time to blog again

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